My art through the ages, part 3

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Let’s see, where was I? Looks like I was writing about my photography days in ‘My art through the ages, part 2'. Of course, I continued to take photos throughout my life, though perhaps not with as much enthusiasm as I did in my 20’s. When I left College of Marin to attend UC Santa Cruz, I had decided to go into biology. I guess I was sort of following in my father’s footsteps. It is easier to pursue a career that you were immersed in your whole life, even if you were just tagging along with a family member. And I did (and still do) thoroughly enjoy the study of biology which, I admit, is rather a broad term. My father is more of a field biologist which, as I have explained, had a great effect on my appreciation of the natural world. However, yes, ‘biology', is a broad term and acquiring a degree in it takes a student into all sorts of subjects: molecular biology, genetics, natural history and evolution, chemistry, even mathematics, statistics and so one. And one does need to learn how to write. Yet I still took art classes and continued to paint and draw. I could never give up art and creativity. An artist will always be an artist. 

Here is an oil painting I made of a fellow biology student. Since, like all college students, she often had to sit for hours studying, she made a good model. That’s the Santa Cruz bay in the background. Just look at that ‘big’ 80’s hair! Makes her head look out of proportion. It could’ve been my lack of compositional skills.

Janet, studying

It is a shame that I have lost so many of my paintings from those days. Alas, I was a typical college student. I moved a lot. I had a bit of a wild social life. God knows where all that art ended up. I did manage to save a few. Below here is a small watercolor I made. I have never actually seen the aurora borealis. It is something I’ve always had on my bucket list.

Watercolor card

A pastel sunset:

Pastel Sunset


Another pastel:

Pastel mountains and meadow

I think those pastels were created later in my life, but since I lost all that art from my college days, I figured I ought to throw in a little extra something!

What’s next? I have engaged in so many art forms, I have to really think. After I left college, I worked as a research assistant at a genetic engineering company. Ugh. Not really me. It was interesting work, though, and I made some wonderful friends. At home, I got into writing stories and poetry. And costuming. I don’t think blogging on this website about my writing is all that relevant but costuming definitely is. It is how I got into fabric! Perhaps that will be in ‘My art through the ages, part 4’ blog.

And I did it again! I added a couple of pics to my last  ‘ … art through the ages …’ blog. sorry.

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