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It is so interesting to me to see how people react to my art. People see them differently. They often tell me a certain piece looks to them like some place they know. Yet none of my works are created with any particular place in mind. They are not even something I imagined. I’ve never once created something that even reminded me, at least not consciously, of anywhere I know, not any particular place. Well, that’s not true - there were a few of my very early works that I had tried to recreate from photographs. But I quickly learned that I had much more fun when I just went willy nilly, where ever the fabrics took me, no place in mind what-so-ever. So I am intrigued when someone says, ‘that looks just like such and such ...’.

A woman, once staring at ‘Rain on a Spring Morn’ for a long time, finally said it reminded her of the mountains in New Zealand (which she apparently missed so much that a tear came to her eye!). Another woman saw Hawaii in a miniature. And last weekend, I was told several times that one of my latest works, 'Winter Light Play' looks a lot like Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska. I looked at some pictures on the web and was amazed at the resemblance. I've never been there and I don't recall seeing any images in my large files of collected pics of mountains. Although I certainly may have seen a picture of it at some point in my life.

Years ago, a man saw someplace I’d never heard of called ‘Wolf Mountain’ in one of my earlier works. And just the other day someone saw a print I have of ‘Brilliant Night Sky’ and said it looked like Death Valley. I’ll be. I thought that was a lake, or maybe the ocean. But, truth be told, I had no idea! Which is great. I’m not trying to recreate anything so I am amused by these suggestions.

Sometimes I get a bit abstract, and I might like to work more in that direction someday. ‘Spattered Sky’, one of my newest works, was one of those. At least the sky is, well, very weird. I loved making it! It just happened, like all my works.

Weird sky

I got all excited and brought my husband in to see it. He furrowed his brows, cracked a half smile and said something like, ‘What’s up with that sky? Is that some rare celestial phenomenon going on?’ Well, I sure don’t know! I just love it for some reason. After what my husband said, however, I worried that it might confuse some people (why any artist should ever worry about that, I can’t say). 

Anyway, at the show last weekend, a family came into the booth with a 4 or 5 year old boy. I wasn't in the booth at that moment but I heard from my husband that after they’d all pondered over the different artworks, the parents asked the child to choose a favorite and he chose ‘Spattered Sky’! I was touched when I heard this.

Spattered Sky

Here are a few others of my, perhaps, more confusing or abstract-ish pieces:

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